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Sun Chemical Corportaion
Ted Clinton, Plant Manager, Sun Graphics, a Division of Sun Chemical Corporation
Sun Graphics (a division of Sun Chemical Corportaion)
I just wanted to write and say "Thanks" to you and your company. We are very pleased with the product and the service you provided. We called and gave you a rough idea of what we needed in a pneumatic punch system, you came over took a look at our workflow analyzed our needs and created a multi station punch system that is adaptable to our specific needs and is a fantastic extremely well crafted piece of equipment that looks like it will last a few lifetimes !!
Ted Clinton
Plant Manager
Sun Graphics, Division of Sun Chemical Corporation
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Mining and Construction Technology, Inc.
Geoff Knight, former President, Mining and Construction Technology, Inc.
Mining and Construction Technology, Inc.
Thanks to the Harrison Industrial Services Inc. we were able to pursue advanced methods of mechanized hard rock mining. Michael Clement manufactured cutting tools and holders of unique design in steels requiring complex machining and heat treatment methods. Michael Clement also manufactured the special hard-rock rotating cutting drum mounting the tools and holders in a specific predetermined array using three dimensional measurement techniques and creatively configuring high-strength mounting arrangements for each tool in the array. This work had been turned down by a number of other manufacturers as being too complex. Then we had the good fortune to be referred to Michael Clement!
Geoff Knight
President (former)
Mining and Construction Technology, Inc.
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Dave Cochran, Owner, DAVCO ASSOCIATES
Mike, our relationship goes back more than 20 years. My company is known for fundamentally sound and creative design of mechanical systems and products and your company has been very helpful in customizing design features to facilitate fabrication and assembly. Together we have created numerous systems and products that are readily manufactured, functionally effective and reasonably priced. I look forward to continuing our relationship.
Dave Cochran, PHD
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