Harrison Industrial Services Inc. is a licensed general engineering contractor in the State of California (General Engineering Contractor CCL #427772 Class A, B). We provide a full range of engineering and manufacturing services, from the manufacture of individual, unique parts pursuant to customer specifications to the production of entire turnkey systems involving the analysis of customer requirements, design, development, prototyping, testing, documentation, and production. The customer can take advantage of any or all of our engineering/design and fabrication/manufacturing capabilities to achieve its objectives.

We are equipped with a complete machine shop, sheet metal shop, and welding facility designed for quick make-ready. Using computer-aided design and manufacturing techniques, we can provide customers with fast, cost effective services no matter what the size of the order. We are one of the few design firms that builds what it designs. From precision machining to fabrication of structural steel components, working with materials ranging from metals to plastics, whether it is a simple job or one that requires a creative solution, Harrison Industrial Services Inc. can address the customer’s needs.

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