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Automatic Time and Asset Management System
ATTENTION! ... All personnel and inventory control managers, business owners, and individuals responsible for collecting data and tracking "stuff" who:
Love Apple computers
Have more things to track than time to track them
Think that bar codes are really neat but have no idea how to use them
Introducing the Automatic Time and Asset Management System (ATAMS)--the light weight, portable, pocket sized, electronic assistant!
Harrison Industrial Services Inc. Automatic Time and Asset Management System (ATAMS)  
ATAMS allows you to quickly and easily track your assets with bar codes.
Harrison Industrial Services Inc. BAR CODE IT
Track Assets
Employee Time: track the beginning and end of each work day, eliminating the need for time clocks
Task Time: track how much time employees spend on each task
Parts Inventory Control: track parts moving into and out of inventory
Fixed Assets
Vehicle Mileage: track cars, trucks, airplanes, helicopters, etc.
Fax Machine and Copier Usage: track device usage and assign such usage to specific tasks
Security Check Points
Library Books
Telephone Calls
Maintenance Scheduling
Perform Studies
Time and Motion Studies
Performance Evaluations
Performance Based Benefit Analysis
Inventory Management Studies
Improve Efficiency
ATAMS performs the work of several people by automatically logging data (events) when they occur. The user can type additional information into the unit, associating it with specific events.
For more information on ATAMS, simply scroll down or select on of the following links:
General System Layout
ATAMS at Work (an illustrated example)
ATAMS Implementation Timeline

Physical Rugged, cast metal case
Dimensions 4.1" x 2.6" x 0.6"
Weight 4.9 ounces
Storage Temperature -4° to 122° F (-20° to 50° C)
Operating Temperature 32° to 122° F (0° to 50° C)
Humidity 0 to 95% non-condensing
Audio 14 tone patterns including good read and key entry
Visual 2 line x 16 character LCD
Bar Code Symbologies Code 3 of 9, Interleaved 2 of 5, Codabar, UPC-A&E, UPC-EAN, Code 128, and Code 93 optional
Scanning Spread Tolerance 3 to 30 inches per second
Scan Capacity 32K:750; 64K:2000; 128K:7000; 320K:20,000
Resolution Minimum 0.0075" width of narrow bar or space (0.01" recommended)
Batteries Rechargeable nickel-cadmium batteries provide 3 days of charge depending upon use
Charging Time Minimum 12 to 15 hours for fully drained batteries
Serial Communications Built-in asynchronous RS-323 serial port; baud rates from 300 to 19.2K
Keypad 19 keys; alphanumeric capability
Meet the ATAMS Scanner
Harrison Industrial Services Inc. Automatic Time and Asset Management System (ATAMS)  
Each ATAMS unit measures 4.1" by 2.6" by 0.6" and accommodates an optional belt clip.

General System Layout
Harrison Industrial Services Inc. ATAMS General System Layout  
The ATAMS system works with FileMaker Pro and Microsoft Excel.
A Bar code label printer
B Computer
C Laser printer
D ATAMS reader
E Upload station
F Multiple upload stations (as required)
G Raw data organization
H Database (FileMaker Pro)
I Spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel)

ATAMS At Work (an illustrated example)
Harrison Industrial Services Inc. ATAMS General System Layout Harrison Industrial Services Inc. ATAMS General System Layout
Bob comes in and picks up his ATAMS unit.
Bob scans the "IN" bar code on his way into the office. This starts Bob's payroll time and eliminates the need to punch in on a time clock. Every time the ATAMS unit scans a bar code, it automatically logs the date and time associated with the event.

Harrison Industrial Services Inc. ATAMS General System Layout Harrison Industrial Services Inc. ATAMS General System Layout
Bob selects a work order and scans the work order number. Bob's time immediately starts billing against that particular job.
Bob needs some parts from inventory. He scans the bar code on the box, immediately logging the parts out of inventory and assigning them to Bob's active work order.

Harrison Industrial Services Inc. ATAMS General System Layout Harrison Industrial Services Inc. ATAMS General System Layout
Bob needs to run to the hardware store and pick up an item. He scans the bar code on the dashboard and types in the last three digits shown on the odometer. Upon his return, he once again scans the dashboard bar code and enters the last three digits from the odometer. ATAMS uses this information to compute the distance traveled and logs the resulting mileage against Bob's active work order.
Bob makes a couple copies. Afterward, he scans a bar code on the printer and logs the number of copies made. ATAMS logs these copies against Bob's active work order, thus turning the pirnter into a profit center. Later that day, he follows the same procedure when sending 3 faxes.

Harrison Industrial Services Inc. ATAMS General System Layout Harrison Industrial Services Inc. ATAMS General System Layout
At the end of the day, Bob scans one last bar code, logging him out for the day. Time immediately stops accruing to his payroll and active work order. ATAMS uses start and stop times to computer the length of Bob's work day and the amount of time spent on each scanned work order.
Bob places his ATAMS unit on an upload station and walks out the door. ATAMS automatically transfers all data from the unit and performs all required calculations, updating the company database.

Harrison Industrial Services Inc. ATAMS Report Sample
ATAMS can export uploaded data in a variety of common formats, usable by almost any spreadsheet or database application. ATAMS automatically stores all uploaded data for historical reference in an easily accessible format. User interfaces currently exist for FileMaker Pro and Microsoft Excel. We can further customize these systems to manage workflow and generate reports specific to your needs. Harrison Industrial Services Inc. can also interface ATAMS with your existing spreadsheet or database, creating all required custom reports.

ATAMS Implementation Timeline
The following represents a general ATAMS implementation timeline. Actual implementation timelines vary with project difficulty.
Request from Customer Week 0
General Review of Needs Week 1
General Estimate of Costs Week 2
Development of Draft Contract Week 3
Review of Contract by Customer Week 4
Award of Contract by Customer Week 5
System Development Weeks 6 - 12
Testing and Review by Customer Weeks 13 - 14
Document System Week 15
Ship to Customer Week 16
Download ATAMS Information Guide (PDF)   ATAMS Information Guide

To save a .pdf file directly to your hard drive:
PC: Right clink on "Download PDF" and select "Download Linked File"
Mac: Control+click on "Download PDF" and select "Save Linked File to Desktop"
Get Adobe Acrobat Reader
Turnkey Systems
For customers who do not want to take the time to customize a complete database system, Harrison Industrial Services Inc. can provide a turnkey system including the following:
Designing of databases
Data entry
Designing of screens and forms
Designing of reports
Layout of switch-over procedure
Development of training material
Installation of equipment
Commission of system
For more information about ATAMS, give us a call or send us an email right now! If you have specific requirements in mind, please provide them in as much detail as possible.
1-888-212-6095      rfq@harrison-isi.com
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