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Machine Design by Harrison Industrial Services Inc.
Assembly Plant Equipment by Harrison Industrial Services Inc.
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Harrison Industrial Services Inc. designs and builds all kinds of machines and mechanical sub-assemblies. Shown here is a coil spring dispenser for an automotive suspension system assembly area at an auto assembly plant in the US. This 12 track dispenser is inclined and uses gravity to roll the springs toward the operator end of the machine. The problem with the springs is that they tend to fight each other as the helical wind forces the ends of the springs against the sides of the tracks, stopping their progress to the delivery end of the track. The solution to this problem was to build into each track a jogging system that moves the sidewalls on either side of each track towards each other, re-centering each spring. When the sidewalls move back to their re-set position, the springs are free to roll. This jogging system is pneumatically actuated and jogs all tracks at the same time. (Note the lifting fixture being employed that allows the hook position to be adjusted so that the machine can be lifted without tipping.)
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